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About Me

What can I bring to your business? 

Since my first transatlantic rowing I have been involved in the  meetings, debates, seminars, conferences or  met  in France and abroad.

My area of expertise is  a priori different from the company, is  actually very close  and constitutes a fertile and relevant source of inspiration for all types of organizations.  The bridges between the two worlds  then become obvious:

  • Form a team and mobilize it around  of a common objective;

  • Stimulate change to develop new strategies;

  • Raising awareness on a given issue  ;

  • Encourage the spirit of initiative;

  • Anticipate difficulties, measure risks and manage potential obstacles.

  • Inspire and motivate by transmitting strong messages

My singular challenges are a real confrontation with fundamental and authentic realities: the ocean, the weather, damage, death, and above all life. The difficult dialogue with nature makes it possible to surpass oneself, to learn again and again and to take a different look at oneself and more generally, at what surrounds us.


I have to animate the meetings of photos, films of 6 and 26 minutes.
Upstream, specifications drawn up in agreement with the organizer make it possible to adapt the course, the methods and the themes to be favored according to everyone's expectations.

Sharing highlights...

Anne Quéméré Conférence 2.jpg

For any request for intervention within the framework of  seminars, conferences, festivals or any other event, do not hesitate to contact me by filling out the form.

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