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Anne Quéméré, a traveler...
On the paths of time

Welcome aboard!

Since 2001, each of my expeditions has given birth to a blog created by professional webmasters. Over the  pages elaborated by these web artists, I told  my ocean stories,  the birth  of an adventure until its accomplishment.  Day after day, I posted news and  Pictures,  it was really great... but  terribly frustrating at the same time!  Having no skills in websites, I was indeed unable to manage my own pages, let alone develop my blog as I wanted. This  addiction weighed on me more and more and I dreamed that one day, maybe...  

And so, everything happens! What was impossible for me yesterday, is no longer impossible today. I threw myself into the deep end and  created  my  blog.  It probably won't be as perfect.  than the previous ones, but I feel free there, faithful to who I am and that is the main thing!


For any request for intervention within the framework of  seminars, conferences, festivals or any other event, do not hesitate to contact me by filling out the form.

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